Family Lawyer for Divorces & Custody Issues

The Law Office of Nora V. Law understands your needs and is here to help in the best way it can to right the wrong.  Every situation is different and this is why The Law Office of Nora V. Law provides an in-depth and confidential case review to discuss your situation and determine how best to help you.  Nora V. Law is experienced in the family law area.

It is never easy when a marriage ends. Nora V. Law understands that going through a divorce may be one of the toughest, life-changing experiences a person may have to face. It is for this reason that Nora V. Law offers a tailored-personal approach for your circumstances. Whether you need a skilled negotiator, a strong-advocate, or a counselor, We are here to fight for you, your family, and children’s well-being.

Nora V. Law, solves problems related to divorce, child custody, father’s right, visitation & family law in Houston, Texas

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Due to her involvement in the Hispanic community, Nora V. Law knows and understands the complex consequences that your immigration status can have on you and your family when you are faced with a legal issue. Prior to determining how to resolve any issue, Nora V. Law will take into consideration the immigration consequences the decision may have on your immigration status.

Nora Victoria Law, a graduate of Vanderbilt University and South Texas College of Law, brings with her the experience of an assistant district attorney and international business counsel.  Her experience gives her the unique insight into what the state may argue in a criminal case because she has walked in those shoes.

Nora V. Law is fluent in Spanish, has litigation experience and is able to aggressively represent you and your interest.