M.V. Houston, TX

I sought Nora Law as my attorney for my divorce case due to my experience with her on a previous case she helped me with. She was awesome and she got me what I asked for and what was rightfully owed to me by my ex-husband. I was very satisfied with her work and how she went about things in a professional manner. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of her services. I hope to not need her for the same service, but if it comes to that, she will be my lawyer. She is the one I would call with any questions I had- she was there. If she was in court, she would call me as soon as she was done. I was always able to depend on her. She would attempt to do what I needed- if I said let’s work towards a deal, she would try to accommodate. But when necessary, she was able to argue my case when negotiating would not work. She is definitely there for you 100% and that is why I would recommend her to anyone in need of her services. Her assistant was there for me too throughout the whole process. I can never thank them enough.


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